We Were All Once Refugees

Displayed at Nulobaz Gallery in Tel Aviv March 2018.

The exhibition featured photographs by Anna Riwkin of Jewish refugees in Sweden during World War Two, who survived by making crafts and toys out of wood, as well as contemporary photos by Miriam Alster of Kuchinate women at work. The exhibition was curated by our board member Sandra Weil as well as Hila Laviv, whose great aunt owned the album containing the photos of the Jewish refugees. The curators have for many years felt the resemblance of the Jewish history as refugees and the reality of the African asylum seeking community in Tel Aviv. “We believe it’s a beautiful and strong way toconnect these two groups of people. More than 75 years divides them but their story
is similar. People who had to leave everything behind, to live in an unknown limbo, not knowing what the future holds and what will happen to their family members who are left behind."

Refugee mother and child exhibition
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