Our Volunteers


Laura Lee Burch

Dolls & Sewing instructor.

"I’ve been creating my whole life, it’s a lifestyle for me. I’m from a small town in Indiana USA, I now live in Jaffa, Israel with my three daughters and my husband. 

My art is an expression of a positive place that I choose to be; I express myself through art. As much about visually and tactilely entertaining the viewer, I aim to achieve realism and sometimes humor and I want the viewer to be delighted, sometimes informed or made to think about an issue as they experience my art. I try to help people and animals through my artistic endeavors by raising and donating money from the sales of my art . I have been teaching the women of Kuchinate in Tel Aviv how to make dolls and other sewn products to sell, to support themselves." 

Tal Brimer.jpeg

Tal Brimer

Multidisciplinary designer and a design lecturer.

Provides technical support for the Kuchinate website and online store.

״Happy and proud to give my time and expertise to a women's organization that combines design and creativity with social activism, and that impacts the lives of so many women״.


Nellie Van Den Bos

Nellie began volunteering with Kuchinate in Development in June 2018. She supports the Director of Development wherever needed and as a Dutch citizen, she focuses on bringing in Dutch/European donors.

Nellie is a PhD-student in Occupational Therapy at the University of Haifa, where she conducts international research into the handwriting skills of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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Artal Rylski

Artal is the Coordinator for the Children’s Center. She is an Occupational Therapist with 30 years of experience in treating and managing services in the special education system.
"Becoming a pensioner allowed me to give my time and expertise to the asylum
seeker community. My time here at Kuchinate is the most significant time of my


Sharon Cohen Tischler

Sharon is an Occupational Therapist specializing in neurological rehabilitation.
“I arrived here during my studies for a master’s degree in Social Change and have
not left. The time I spend supporting, teaching and empowering the women of
Kuchinate is the highlight of my week. Hugging and dancing are the perfect way to
bring joy into each other’s lives, and it reminds me of my African origins”.


Talli Sharon

Talli is a graphic designer and illustrator with over a decade of experience.

She moved to Israel from South Africa at the age of fifteen with her parents. Talli first heard of Kuchinate through Natasha Miller Gutman, and met some ladies of Kuchinate when she attended a workshop at Har Tziyon 104 to crochet baskets.

She has been working with Kuchinate on their graphic marketing efforts for close to four years now and has developed most of their brand language. Talli is honored to work for such a life-impacting organization.


Lior Hermoni Gati

Lior Hermoni is an industrial designer by training. She started volunteering with Kuchinate in 2020 and works on developing new products. She worked as a curator and director at the Saga Design Gallery in Tel Aviv, and she lives in Tel Aviv with her partner and two daughters.

'”I joined Kuchinate during the Corona period. I thought I could contribute from my experience in developing new products, building new collections and choosing materials. I discovered a group of strong, creative, and talented women with amazing abilities and a strong desire to develop and learn."

miriam alster .jpg

Miriam Alster

Miriam has worked as a documentary photographer since 2008, when she made Aliyah from Sweden. For the past 13 years Miriam has been working as a staff photographer at Israel’s largest news photo agency, FLASH90, which has covered most of the past years' news events in Israel and the West Bank, been published daily in Israeli media, as well as featured internationally in magazines such as le Monde, der Spiegel and the New Yorker. After seven years in Jerusalem, Miriam moved to Tel Aviv, where she first met the women of Kuchinate. In 2017, she began documenting their work, which later became part of the exhibition "We were once all refugees," alongside photographs of Anna Riwkin. Miriam immediately fell in love with the warm and hopeful atmosphere surrounding the women, along with Kuchinate's vivid colors and creativity, working as an in-house photographer ever since.