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Our Activity

With the support of Agiamondo’s Civil Peace Service Project and the Dan David Foundation, Kuchinate has been able to implement an educational program for their asylum seeking women.

The program includes:

  • Sewing course: In this course, conducted twice in a week, the women acquire sewing skills. Acquisition of such skills helps them to sew for their own needs as well as aids them in getting a job or starting a business in the future.

  • English courses for women with basic knowledge of the English language: In this weekly course child care is provided, without which, the mothers could hardly take part in the class.

  • Computer course for the asylum seeker staff: In this course, conducted twice a week, the women are equipped with computer skills. They will apply the skills for their daily work at Kuchinate.

  • Stress management (stress reduction) course: This course enables the women to identify their personal difficulties, reflect upon their stress management, and acquire the means by which they may be able to handle their everyday pressures in a sustainable way. The course is led by Kuchinnate’s CEO Sister  Aziza and Dr. Diddy Maymin Kahn.

In addition, there are ongoing trainings for the women's staff in various professional fields:

- Professional training in crocheting  and learning how to make various new crochet products

- Professional training in embroidery, and other craftsmanship in various techniques

- Professional training on how to be a salesperson: how to  use a credit machine, customer service, registration and more

At the beginning of 2020, Kuchinate officially partnered with the Civil Peace Service program of Agiamondo.