For refugees, a plea: You can’t beat a pandemic by leaving people out

May 12, 2020

If the coronavirus and its economic devastation are already straining the developed world, how can refugees – the world's most vulnerable – cope? There is no safety net, no margin for error. Six of our writers report.

Asylum seekers featured in living color through portraits and baskets

June 24, 2020

Women from the Tel Aviv Kuchinate arts collective were photographed for World Refugee Day, now exhibited through June 30

לכל סל יש סיפור

June 16, 2020

New Photo Exhibition Puts Focus on Tel Aviv's African Women Refugees

June 21, 2020

A new photography exhibition shows the women of a close-knit community wearing textiles they wove themselves, but great sadness hides behind their proud smiles.

מבקשות מקלט מאפריקה מדברות

June 19, 2020

חטיפה בסודן, רעב במסע בסיני, בעלים בישראל שמשלמים למבריחים – שלוש נשים מקולקטיב קוצ'ינטה רוצות להשאיר את הכאב מאחור ולמצוא עתיד טוב, אבל לא כאן

דיוקנה של אישה: נשות קוצ׳ינטה מצטלמות

June 16, 2020

לפני שנתיים צילמה מירי דוידוביץ את נשות קוצ׳ינטה; רגע לפני הקורונה תיעד אותן מיכאל טופיול. תערוכה שתיפתח ביום שישי לכבוד יום הפליט הבינלאומי, תציג את העבודות של השניים, זו לצד זה

The Women Behind the Masks

June 03, 2020

In Israel, a refugee women’s collective finds a new direction amid the pandemic

'Each One Tells My Story': Asylum Seekers in Tel Aviv Draw Inspiration From Making Dark-skinned Dolls

victims of torture and rape, these women are creating dolls to cater for demand in local kindergartens.

משנות את פני המשחק || מבקשות מקלט וקורבנות סחר שואבות תקווה מיצירת בובות שחורות

January 18, 2020

הנשים, חלקן נפגעות עינויים ואונס, החלו לייצר בובות כהות-עור שמרחיבות את מנעד הצעצועים בגנים. הן מספרות על מסע הייסורים שלא תם עם הגעתן לארץ, ועל הרווחה והעצמאות שהיצירה מעניקה להן.

Asmeret Takalala “ I didn’t believe I’ll get out of Eritrea”

December 25, 2019

סלים של תקווה: קו פריטים מבוקש של 140 נשים שנלחמות על חייהן

March 19, 2018

Eritrean Coffee Ceremony at Kuchinate.
African victims of abuse look for comfort through crocheting. Their works are sold and exhibited, but for asylum seekers active in Kuchinate, the collective is not only a source of income but also a home, meeting place and support.

September 23, 2019

Kuchinate is selected by expert Danielle Keller-Aviram from Luxiders Magazine in a wonderful selection of the Top 10 sustainable home decor brands!

Luxiders is the New Intelligent Magazine, based on eco & ethical stories about fashion, design and lifestyle. 

September 19, 2019

Kuchinate celebrates Rosh Hashanah by calling on the public to human / refugee / women's rights.

One of our passionate supporters, Canadian Ambassador Deborah Lyons, brought her impact into the issues and to our event.

The Spirit of Haiti and Africa

January 23, 2019

Opening of the Vodou Flag exhibition at the African Studies Gallery

המצוקה של מבקשות המקלט המוכות

November 30, 2018

חדשות סוף השבוע בערוץ 12, בקרו אצלינו בסטודיו ושמעו על מצוקת הנשים. כמו סילבנה ז"ל,יש עוד אימהות וילדים רב שסובלים מאלימות ופגיעה

Threads of Hope

October 30, 2018

Calcalist: An Israeli daily business newspaper and website talks about Kuchinate. 

Forward: In Tel Aviv, Weaving A Better Future For African Refugees

October 22, 2018

The Forward article talks about Kuchinate and the story behind it all. 

Time Out: The new exhibition “Hanging from a Thread” tells the first-person accounts of refugees and asylum seekers

October 20, 2018

Kuchinate is part of Illustration Week this year, collaborating with Tamar Lamdan and Carmit Shine on the exhibition "Hanging by a Thread."

Time Out: Embracing empowerment through art; Kuchinate’s new ways of reaching out

October 20, 2018

Time Out magazine writes about Kuchinate and upcoming exhibitions we are featured in as well as information on our Friday workshops. 

Haaretz: The Artistic Tornado Headed Toward Israel

October 13, 2018

Haaretz writes about Sheila Hicks, an American artist who arrived in Israel to open an exhibition. Hicks also used the opportunity to come and visit Kuchinate and talk with our women. 

JPost: Come and Kuchinate With Me

July 11, 2018

JPost writes about the origins of the Kuchinate dream and experiences of the Kuchinate women.

Time Out: Traveling art

April 24, 2018

Traveling art: The refugees who make amazing art in Israel

Asylum seekers in Israel try to weave a safety net as deportation looms

April 04, 2018

Global Sisters Report: The Eritreans in Tel Aviv, already struggling with poverty, isolation and discrimination, and some who were slowly healing from torture, now face yet another hurdle: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's aggressive and controversial plan to deport African asylum seekers. Deportation is set to begin within weeks.

ILTV: See how one Israeli NGO is transforming a traditional craft into a tool of empowerment

March 26, 2018

ILTV visits the Kuchinate studio to learn about our crafts and our collective. 

סלים של תקווה: קו פריטים מבוקש של 140 נשים שנלחמות על חייהן Xnet

March 19, 2018

העבודות שלהן נמכרות ומוצגות בתערוכות, אך עבור מבקשות המקלט שפעילות ב''קוצ'ינטה'', הקולקטיב הוא לא רק מקור הכנסה אלא גם בית, מקום מפגש ותמיכה

Haaretz: Rank & File 'We Were All Once Refugees' Mural Collaboration in Central Tel Aviv

March 01, 2018

URGENCY FOR REFUGEES: Kuchinate – African Refugee Women’s Collective and public street artist Mia Schon collaborated on a mosaic mural in Tel Aviv to raise awareness about the asylum-seeker issue. The 3.5 meter x 2.5-meter mural at the corner of Rothschild and Herzl reads: “We were all once refugees.” 

The Times of Israel: Empowerment project helps African asylum seekers stitch a safety net

February 28, 2018

In addition to selling baskets, Kuchinate now hosts Israeli groups in its studio in effort to empower women and help public empathize with their plight. 

i24NEWS: African victims of abuse look for comfort through crocheting

February 26, 2018

After braving abuse and the harsh trek through Africa to get to Israel, African migrants look for therapy through an usual method: crocheting.