Help Kuchinate Deliver an Emergency Response during the Pandemic

Following regulations from Israel’s Health Ministry, we closed the doors to our studio for the first time since we opened in 2011.  We are now shifting to an emergency response to the current global Coronavirus crisis.

As African asylum-seekers, Kuchinate’s women are the most vulnerable in Israel’s society. Most are either single mothers, survivors of torture or abuse, or suffer physical or metal disabilities. They have no access to public health and social services or unemployment.

Together, we must maintain our core commitment of ensuring the well-being of our women and helping them to sustain themselves and their families with the dignity of work -- now from home.

Many of you have asked how you can help support our community of women during these uncertain times.

You can help by:

* The entire price of all your products will go to the women who created them as income! *


The burden on Kuchinate is now immense. This global crisis shows that we are all connected. There has never been a better time to remember that


“We Were All Once Refugees.”


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