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We have over 250 women members of the collective; our team is dedicated, but small.

In order to fulfil our goals and dreams, we need volunteers.


We make living selling baskets, and therefore participate in weekly fairs and home sales.

We are looking for volunteers to drive us to and/or from sales. 

Marketing and Advertising

Updating our website, Instagram account, and Facebook page;

Running online campaigns, creating monthly newsletters, and more.


We are looking for babysitters to help entertain our children in the studio

while we are teaching crochet lessons or attending events and sales.

Home Sales

Open up your home and invite your neighbors, friends and family. Our women and volunteers will bring our baskets and run the sale. All you need to do is provide us with a place to display our products;

We will take care of the rest.

*Hosts will receive a complimentary Anbaba basket as a gift of appreciation.

For further details please contact us

Quotes from some of our volunteers

“Volunteering at Kuchinate has profoundly altered my perspective on the world. It has been an amazing opportunity to make a significant impact in a small way. I have met some of the strongest women I have ever met and created relationships I will always treasure.”  - Arley (Connecticut, USA)

“This is a wonderful project and a place to share lives that are so different. Volunteering here is heart-warming and challenging!” - Sharon (Tel Aviv, Israel)
"Volunteering at Kuchinate has added a lot of meaning to my life." -Lais (Brasil)